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OH MY THOR my legs and hips are sore from yesterday's run. Ah, I should have figured they would be, but I kinda forgot it happened like that, lol.

Well, today I went for a 12 kilometre walk so I won't be running this evening. I also had a kilo and a half of vegetables on my back the whole time, which was unusual for me so I'm feeling it now, lol.

I'm hoping some stretching will loosen up my legs and back, and I'll be able to go running tomorrow. I have to seriously put some effort in now that my cousin and her friends are coming over to Europe for a few days.
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I've been naughty.

Ever since my last post I haven't been going out to run! I've done several 8 and 12k walks and stuff, but nothing substantial to get me in the military. Unless it's no longer a requirement to run, and I doubt that, lol. On the plus side, the walk that used to take 3 hours is more like 2 hours and 15 minutes! So there's a bit of improvement as well.

Nevertheless, today I decided enough was enough and I better get my rear in gear again! So I went out on a run by myself, for about a half hour, and did surprisingly better than I did before, despite not going out for a while. Seriously, remarkably better than I did before. I dun get it at all, but I'm not going to complain!

I feel better than I did the last week...ish, after being incarcerated at Barb's house. She had no chicken unless it was deep-fried and frozen, and nothing remotely healthy except a stalk of broccoli and some Kashi oatmeal in her house. So I subsisted on cookies, oatmeal and broccoli for four days and came home feeling like crap and unable to sleep. Now I think I'll sleep much better tonight, be up for most of the day tomorrow, and feel a lot more energetic.

I'm going to do some exercises for my midsection tonight before bed, then I think I have to go on a 12k walk tomorrow morning, weather pending. If it's raining too much to go out, I'll do some yoga! in preparation for the yoga class being held at the community centre at the start of March. I don't want to look stupid in front of everyone! XD

Later this week (weather pending...again), I want to get to the beach, before the Italians get to it again. :D
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Oh boy, today's walk was interesting. I haven't been able to go running since last time I posted, because it was raining so much lately. Unfortunately that means that the dogs haven't been able to get the dogs out for a walk, and no matter what I want to do, the dogs are priority. So we were walking the dogs on the 12 km walk, and there was this hooker on the street. That in itself isn't the most unusual thing in the world here. What was unusual this time was that the hooker had breast implants, and was walking into the middle of the road and caressing them. It's weird to see prostitutes so often and commonly, but mum gets a laugh out of them.

I bought an Under Armour sweater that's made of fleece, and it's really, really warm. It's perfect for the cold, and really worth the money. It'll be great for home in Canada, too! It's green, and pulls over with a small zipper in the front that doesn't go far down. The zipper at the top is covered by a piece of fabric so it doesn't rub at my chin and make a blister. Very nice.

Tomorrow I think I'll slip away to run on my own, without the dogs. It's not easy to put up with them when we're just walking, and twice as hard when I run. I kinda regret asking my mum to help me run, because I didn't realize it would become a chore with her and her dogs.


Jan. 7th, 2010 03:14 pm
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I didn't run yesterday, unfortunately, and I might not tomorrow either because I have some painful blisters on my feet from the new shoes. I'll try the running socks tomorrow and see if the cushion helps at all, and if my shoes are dry.

I went for a 12 km walk today instead, with my dogs and my dad's co-worker's dog who we had to babysit because it can't stay in the house alone or it'll flip out and make a filthy mess. D: We started the walk at 11:00 and got home at ~13:15. Not bad for 12 kilometres. I want to run some of that distance next time we walk it, though. The only bothersome thing about it is that the men in their cars slow down and watch while we go by. It's creepy - there are lots of East-European hookers on that road and often mistake us for them and ask us how much we cost, but most of the time they just gawk. I think it must be weird to see people getting exercise outdoors here in Naples, because it's so polluted and dirty that nothing is attractive to look at. Except, apparently, the hookers and crazy North Americans who walk their dogs in the dead of winter. Which is all of maybe 15 degrees Celsius, and not cold at all if you've ever lived in Winnipeg, which has been the coldest place on Earth several times the last couple years. o.o

Anyway, the walking wasn't so bad, except part of the man-made lake was flooding and the polluted water got into my brand new shoes, and gave me blisters. Oh well, they'll heal up quickly, and they didn't pop so they shouldn't get infected.

It's funny though - I have the running bug. It's too bad my shoes are too wet. Maybe this evening they'll be dry enough and I can do another mini-run in the parco. :)


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