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Jan. 4th, 2030 12:49 pm
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This is going to be a log that I keep for running, to keep myself motivated. I started running, and this log, on Monday 04 January 2010. My goal is to gain endurance and distance in running, to help me through basic training in the military this coming summer in 2010.

As of 04 January 2010 this is how I feel while I'm running.
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Ahaha well! Yesterday I went with a friend of mine, Greta, to a free Yoga-Pilates class. It was a lot of fun! The instructor was an Italian whose instructions mostly consisted of screaming "FORWARD!" and "LEFT, No! LEFT!" and laughing when someone fell down or did something very wrong. I loved it, even though she laughed at me most of the time (*has no body coordination*). It was great fun - we did stretching, balancing, push-ups and sit-ups, crunches, and of course yoga was thrown in. It lasted an hour, but felt like a lot less. I hope I get the chance to go back again!

Note to self: I keep reading about preparing yourself physically and mentally for marathon (or otherwise) running. I want to know, how do people prepare themselves mentally for a run? I don't ever recall doing so.

Tonight is my next run for the C25k. I'd do it now (I'm raring to go!) but the market is still in full swing on the safest road to run on around here, so I can't get out till it's over. I tried running through the market before, and hit someone with my foot, got walloped by a bunch of hanging clothes, and someone knocked their rather heavy purse into my stomach. If it weren't happening to me, it'd be quite comical, and probably require some goofy background music. It's something I'm not eager to experience again, that's for sure!

I still have to get in one more run for this week - I missed Sunday because I was away. I run every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. To get my last run in this week, I'll have to do it later tomorrow night, and rest all Saturday and Sunday-day. I hope this isn't a mistake!


May. 26th, 2010 03:21 pm
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Holy cow, I haven't updated my activity long in foreverrrrr...

Well, the Couch to 5k is going swimmingly, as it should. I only missed one day so far, because I was in Berlin and didn't have time to go running on that vacation. Luckily I kept my fitness up with two bicycle tours and one hell of a lot of walking, and I'm going to rearrange my running schedule to fit in week 4.3 on Friday. I'm sure it'll be fine.

When I get back to Canada and when I can do a 5k with relative ease, I want to run a 5k or more run! Eventually, anyway. Right now I am trying to push past the void I feel when my body and mind are screaming, 'for the love of god STOP! You can't do this, you're just not good enough!' It seems to be working, so far. Hopefully.

Here's an interesting question: What am I supposed to do when I run 5k with energy to spare? Is there a similar program to the C25k that pushes you into 10k? It'd be nice, to have that help.

So yeah! I'm on week 4 of the Couch to 5k! Is that halfway through? I'm not sure. :p I'm excited to become a 5k runner. :3
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Week 1.2 (66% complete)

Today was the second day of week 1 of the Couch to 5k program. Today went a little more smoothly than Sunday did, in that the shin splint in my left leg seemed a little less...throbby than normal. Maybe it's finally (FINALLY) going away, and won't come back. Yay?

Having said that, my legs did feel a bearable strain, but that's a good thing, right? It means you're working the muscles in your legs, right? Which is exactly what I need to do right now. 'Specially round the thigh area, ahaha. If someone were marooned on a desert island with me and I died first, they'd have three square meals for a month at least. :x

And I decided it might be a good (and slightly humiliating) idea to take pictures of my progress. It'll keep me motivated to go on, and maybe I'll share them at the end of the 12 week program. :D However...

A bonus: hair! lol

That' my hair - it goes with me everywhere. It's usually in a braid when I exercise, but it has a nasty habit of thwacking me in the face with itself when I go for a jog. So I'm looking for a secure, comfortable bun to put it in instead. :B

Also, I found a place for my PokeWalker (pedometer, for everyone else) until I get pockets, yay! I have a metal non-extending lanyard that has a clip on either end - I attach one end to the 'walker and the other to my sports brastrap and tuck it in to my bra. It's not the greatest solution, as that's where I keep my keys and my iPod for now too, so it's a little crowded in there, but it works for now. Although the moisture may break it, so I gotta get a pocket (and an iPod case, as well) soon!

So all in all I'm feeling pretty swell about the Couch to 5k thing so far.

Couch to 5K

May. 3rd, 2010 12:23 pm
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Oh yes, I'm going to make your friends pages suffer for the next twelve weeks, while I talk about my progression (well, hopefully) through the C25K program.

Week 1.1

I decided that, while running was a good thing, doing it by myself was just not as structured as something like the Couch to 5K program. So i found the pod cast things of the music and the guy talking to you while you do it, and I started it yesterday.

Week 1 is running for about 25 minutes, with a 5 minute warm-up walk at the start, and a five minute easy walk at the end to relieve stressed muscles etc. During the actual running bit, you walk for 90 seconds, then run for 60 seconds, then walk for 90 seconds, etc... and the guy in the song queues you when you ought to get going and when to stop. So there's not much thinking that goes into it, and definitely no timing on your part. Which is a good thing, cause fiddling with your watch while you run is a pain in the ass.

So I started to run, and I was feeling breezy. At first I was thinking, Oh damnit this is going to be too easy! I run farther than this every time I go out! But even though I was just running for 60 seconds, then walking briskly for 90, I eventually started to feel the strain a little in my legs. it must have been the pace at which I was walking, as well as the running.

This is a good thing - I was able to keep my pace without stopping for my shin splint this way. Usually when I run, I feel the splint in my left leg start to throb and then my leg will almost start to buckle (no matter how long I warm up for beforehand) under the strain of carrying my weight. So with this first week, I can rest my leg during the 90 seconds of walking and keep going. It really is more structured than my previous efforts.

Near the end of it I could feel my legs working hard, as well. So I have to run tomorrow and on Thursday, then proceed to Week 2 of the program! So far it's looking up!
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I don't know what it is, but today when I went running my left leg felt really bad about midway down my shin, in a small patch. It felt like it was being squeezed in a vice, or something. I do think the pain may be in part caused by my posture; I have an awful habit of putting all my weight on my left leg. I'll be keeping an eye on that, to see if it helps.

Hopefully it'll go away, because it's not a pain I can seem to ignore, like a stitch in my side or a regular shin splint, both of which go away after you get used to running. This actually makes me stop running long before I would otherwise have to.

Nevertheless, I am going to continue to run, even if it means start-stopping until the pain stops. I gotta keep it up till March! when my cousin and her friends come.
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OH MY THOR my legs and hips are sore from yesterday's run. Ah, I should have figured they would be, but I kinda forgot it happened like that, lol.

Well, today I went for a 12 kilometre walk so I won't be running this evening. I also had a kilo and a half of vegetables on my back the whole time, which was unusual for me so I'm feeling it now, lol.

I'm hoping some stretching will loosen up my legs and back, and I'll be able to go running tomorrow. I have to seriously put some effort in now that my cousin and her friends are coming over to Europe for a few days.
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I've been naughty.

Ever since my last post I haven't been going out to run! I've done several 8 and 12k walks and stuff, but nothing substantial to get me in the military. Unless it's no longer a requirement to run, and I doubt that, lol. On the plus side, the walk that used to take 3 hours is more like 2 hours and 15 minutes! So there's a bit of improvement as well.

Nevertheless, today I decided enough was enough and I better get my rear in gear again! So I went out on a run by myself, for about a half hour, and did surprisingly better than I did before, despite not going out for a while. Seriously, remarkably better than I did before. I dun get it at all, but I'm not going to complain!

I feel better than I did the last week...ish, after being incarcerated at Barb's house. She had no chicken unless it was deep-fried and frozen, and nothing remotely healthy except a stalk of broccoli and some Kashi oatmeal in her house. So I subsisted on cookies, oatmeal and broccoli for four days and came home feeling like crap and unable to sleep. Now I think I'll sleep much better tonight, be up for most of the day tomorrow, and feel a lot more energetic.

I'm going to do some exercises for my midsection tonight before bed, then I think I have to go on a 12k walk tomorrow morning, weather pending. If it's raining too much to go out, I'll do some yoga! in preparation for the yoga class being held at the community centre at the start of March. I don't want to look stupid in front of everyone! XD

Later this week (weather pending...again), I want to get to the beach, before the Italians get to it again. :D
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Wow, this was a semi-success only. I started off strong and was able to run for a song and a half, but ran out of steam quickly because I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast. I ended up getting progressively slower as time wore on, then I got a stitch in my side and couldn't get through it. Mum insists on going now, now, now! unfortunately. This time I didn't take the dogs though, because it was raining and freezing. All parts of my skin that I didn't cover is pink - from my Star Trek tattoo to my fingertips, the V of my neckline, and my face have a rosy glow. D: Hopefully next time I'll get to eat and digest breakfast, and do better.

So we ran-walked for 47 minutes from our house, down the market road, past the elementary school, around the highway, and back up the same road to home. It's about 5 km. or 3 mi. Which is pretty fragging pathetic, if you think about it, but hey, for a n00b, it's expected.

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Oh boy, today's walk was interesting. I haven't been able to go running since last time I posted, because it was raining so much lately. Unfortunately that means that the dogs haven't been able to get the dogs out for a walk, and no matter what I want to do, the dogs are priority. So we were walking the dogs on the 12 km walk, and there was this hooker on the street. That in itself isn't the most unusual thing in the world here. What was unusual this time was that the hooker had breast implants, and was walking into the middle of the road and caressing them. It's weird to see prostitutes so often and commonly, but mum gets a laugh out of them.

I bought an Under Armour sweater that's made of fleece, and it's really, really warm. It's perfect for the cold, and really worth the money. It'll be great for home in Canada, too! It's green, and pulls over with a small zipper in the front that doesn't go far down. The zipper at the top is covered by a piece of fabric so it doesn't rub at my chin and make a blister. Very nice.

Tomorrow I think I'll slip away to run on my own, without the dogs. It's not easy to put up with them when we're just walking, and twice as hard when I run. I kinda regret asking my mum to help me run, because I didn't realize it would become a chore with her and her dogs.


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