Jan. 12th, 2010

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Oh boy, today's walk was interesting. I haven't been able to go running since last time I posted, because it was raining so much lately. Unfortunately that means that the dogs haven't been able to get the dogs out for a walk, and no matter what I want to do, the dogs are priority. So we were walking the dogs on the 12 km walk, and there was this hooker on the street. That in itself isn't the most unusual thing in the world here. What was unusual this time was that the hooker had breast implants, and was walking into the middle of the road and caressing them. It's weird to see prostitutes so often and commonly, but mum gets a laugh out of them.

I bought an Under Armour sweater that's made of fleece, and it's really, really warm. It's perfect for the cold, and really worth the money. It'll be great for home in Canada, too! It's green, and pulls over with a small zipper in the front that doesn't go far down. The zipper at the top is covered by a piece of fabric so it doesn't rub at my chin and make a blister. Very nice.

Tomorrow I think I'll slip away to run on my own, without the dogs. It's not easy to put up with them when we're just walking, and twice as hard when I run. I kinda regret asking my mum to help me run, because I didn't realize it would become a chore with her and her dogs.


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