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Ahaha well! Yesterday I went with a friend of mine, Greta, to a free Yoga-Pilates class. It was a lot of fun! The instructor was an Italian whose instructions mostly consisted of screaming "FORWARD!" and "LEFT, No! LEFT!" and laughing when someone fell down or did something very wrong. I loved it, even though she laughed at me most of the time (*has no body coordination*). It was great fun - we did stretching, balancing, push-ups and sit-ups, crunches, and of course yoga was thrown in. It lasted an hour, but felt like a lot less. I hope I get the chance to go back again!

Note to self: I keep reading about preparing yourself physically and mentally for marathon (or otherwise) running. I want to know, how do people prepare themselves mentally for a run? I don't ever recall doing so.

Tonight is my next run for the C25k. I'd do it now (I'm raring to go!) but the market is still in full swing on the safest road to run on around here, so I can't get out till it's over. I tried running through the market before, and hit someone with my foot, got walloped by a bunch of hanging clothes, and someone knocked their rather heavy purse into my stomach. If it weren't happening to me, it'd be quite comical, and probably require some goofy background music. It's something I'm not eager to experience again, that's for sure!

I still have to get in one more run for this week - I missed Sunday because I was away. I run every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. To get my last run in this week, I'll have to do it later tomorrow night, and rest all Saturday and Sunday-day. I hope this isn't a mistake!


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