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I don't know what it is, but today when I went running my left leg felt really bad about midway down my shin, in a small patch. It felt like it was being squeezed in a vice, or something. I do think the pain may be in part caused by my posture; I have an awful habit of putting all my weight on my left leg. I'll be keeping an eye on that, to see if it helps.

Hopefully it'll go away, because it's not a pain I can seem to ignore, like a stitch in my side or a regular shin splint, both of which go away after you get used to running. This actually makes me stop running long before I would otherwise have to.

Nevertheless, I am going to continue to run, even if it means start-stopping until the pain stops. I gotta keep it up till March! when my cousin and her friends come.
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OH MY THOR my legs and hips are sore from yesterday's run. Ah, I should have figured they would be, but I kinda forgot it happened like that, lol.

Well, today I went for a 12 kilometre walk so I won't be running this evening. I also had a kilo and a half of vegetables on my back the whole time, which was unusual for me so I'm feeling it now, lol.

I'm hoping some stretching will loosen up my legs and back, and I'll be able to go running tomorrow. I have to seriously put some effort in now that my cousin and her friends are coming over to Europe for a few days.


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