Jan. 7th, 2010 03:14 pm
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I didn't run yesterday, unfortunately, and I might not tomorrow either because I have some painful blisters on my feet from the new shoes. I'll try the running socks tomorrow and see if the cushion helps at all, and if my shoes are dry.

I went for a 12 km walk today instead, with my dogs and my dad's co-worker's dog who we had to babysit because it can't stay in the house alone or it'll flip out and make a filthy mess. D: We started the walk at 11:00 and got home at ~13:15. Not bad for 12 kilometres. I want to run some of that distance next time we walk it, though. The only bothersome thing about it is that the men in their cars slow down and watch while we go by. It's creepy - there are lots of East-European hookers on that road and often mistake us for them and ask us how much we cost, but most of the time they just gawk. I think it must be weird to see people getting exercise outdoors here in Naples, because it's so polluted and dirty that nothing is attractive to look at. Except, apparently, the hookers and crazy North Americans who walk their dogs in the dead of winter. Which is all of maybe 15 degrees Celsius, and not cold at all if you've ever lived in Winnipeg, which has been the coldest place on Earth several times the last couple years. o.o

Anyway, the walking wasn't so bad, except part of the man-made lake was flooding and the polluted water got into my brand new shoes, and gave me blisters. Oh well, they'll heal up quickly, and they didn't pop so they shouldn't get infected.

It's funny though - I have the running bug. It's too bad my shoes are too wet. Maybe this evening they'll be dry enough and I can do another mini-run in the parco. :)
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I had a decent run today - not a big one because yesterday's run left me sore and stiff. I went to the NEX this morning and bought a longsleeve shirt to run in with a V-neck. It's very comfortable and warm, so I might just buy a few more. That sure beats fleecey and zip up sweaters.

So today I just ran inside the parco, because I wasn't feeling awesome when I woke up today, or when I got back from the store. After I had a nap I was feeling a lot better, so I went out for 30-ish minutes, just to try and make my muscles less stiff and sore than they were. If it doesn't work, I May have to do yoga first thing in the morning, and eat something like eggs, then go running again. I liked it a whole lot better without the dogs this time, for sure.

I felt like I did a pretty okay job running today, too! I ran from the Community Centre to my house (it's not very far, but I never was able to run that far before!) and back and a little further, then I walked down the middle gate, ran back up it and down to the next one further on. There are three entrances to our neighbourhood, so I ran up and down to them all a couple times before I called it quits before I fell in a pot hole.

It feels good inside my lungs after I jog for a while, which I think is what I like best about it so far. :D
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Warm-Up Stretches before you start running, to keep from spraining something. A pretty good idea.
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Holy crap, my whole body is achy. A good kind of achy, to be sure. I am plodding along at a slow pace, but I'm not expecting to go fast from the get-go, so.

I started running 2 minutes, walking 3 minutes, running 2 minutes, walking 3 minutes. I think I did pretty well, except near the end I felt like my face was going to explode from heat. lol. We went for about 40 minutes, just down the street, around the elementary school, and back down the same street to home. I ran about 8 times...that's 16-ish minutes total, and the rest of the time we walked quickly. My hip joints and right knee are kinda sore, but that happened when I started walking for 3 hours at a time.

I'ma do this routine again and again for about 1 or 2 weeks, then switch it up to run 4 minutes, walk 3 or 2 minutes. It depends on how I feel at the time, I guess. Hopefully I'll be able to drag my arse out of bed tomorrow to do another jaunt, but if not, Wednesday will be the next day I run. I don't think I'll be taking the dogs anymore, either.

And I gotta look up some foodstuffs to give me energy for running - it's not a good idea to run on an empty stomach. o.O Really a bad idea.

So my body isn't quite made for running yet, but it will be. Oh, it will be.

Funny side-note: my dog almost threw up from running so much today. I guess we're almost on the same page with the running. Except I only almost threw up because of the smell of the garbage drop-off spot, and not running too much. lol.


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