Jan. 13th, 2010

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Wow, this was a semi-success only. I started off strong and was able to run for a song and a half, but ran out of steam quickly because I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast. I ended up getting progressively slower as time wore on, then I got a stitch in my side and couldn't get through it. Mum insists on going now, now, now! unfortunately. This time I didn't take the dogs though, because it was raining and freezing. All parts of my skin that I didn't cover is pink - from my Star Trek tattoo to my fingertips, the V of my neckline, and my face have a rosy glow. D: Hopefully next time I'll get to eat and digest breakfast, and do better.

So we ran-walked for 47 minutes from our house, down the market road, past the elementary school, around the highway, and back up the same road to home. It's about 5 km. or 3 mi. Which is pretty fragging pathetic, if you think about it, but hey, for a n00b, it's expected.


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