Jan. 5th, 2010

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I had a decent run today - not a big one because yesterday's run left me sore and stiff. I went to the NEX this morning and bought a longsleeve shirt to run in with a V-neck. It's very comfortable and warm, so I might just buy a few more. That sure beats fleecey and zip up sweaters.

So today I just ran inside the parco, because I wasn't feeling awesome when I woke up today, or when I got back from the store. After I had a nap I was feeling a lot better, so I went out for 30-ish minutes, just to try and make my muscles less stiff and sore than they were. If it doesn't work, I May have to do yoga first thing in the morning, and eat something like eggs, then go running again. I liked it a whole lot better without the dogs this time, for sure.

I felt like I did a pretty okay job running today, too! I ran from the Community Centre to my house (it's not very far, but I never was able to run that far before!) and back and a little further, then I walked down the middle gate, ran back up it and down to the next one further on. There are three entrances to our neighbourhood, so I ran up and down to them all a couple times before I called it quits before I fell in a pot hole.

It feels good inside my lungs after I jog for a while, which I think is what I like best about it so far. :D


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